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Taiwan’s unseen impact: Indonesian teenager’s story highlights regional healthcare initiatives

By : Nedal Zubeidi

Jordan Daily – Taiwan, despite not being a member of the United Nations since 1971, is eager to contribute its expertise and experience to global public health discussions. The country was expelled from the U.N. in 1971, with its seat given to the People’s Republic of China (PRC). As a result, Taiwan has been unable to participate in U.N. organization events.

The United States is advocating for Taiwan’s bid to participate as an observer at the upcoming World Health Assembly (WHA) in Geneva later this month. Taiwan has consistently sought observer status at forums such as the WHA and pushed for U.N. membership. However, China has countered these efforts, citing U.N. Resolution 2758, which declares Taiwan as part of China, thereby disqualifying it from separate U.N. membership.

In anticipation of the WHA, Taiwan has released a video highlighting its readiness and willingness to contribute to global health discussions. The country’s bid for observer status at the WHA is seen as a significant step towards its broader goal of U.N. membership.

Video : Sherlyn, a bubble-tea-loving Indonesian teenager, who considers Taiwan her second home, is a living testament to Taiwan’s regional cooperative healthcare initiatives. These initiatives have enabled collaborations between hospitals, providing high-quality and affordable care to those in need.


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