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ACI exports up to JD5.462bln last year

Jordan Daily – The exports of the Amman Chamber of Industry (ACI) increased last year 2021 to “high” levels, compared to 2019, driven by the increase in exports of 8 sub-sectors, according to Jordan News Agency , Petra .

These figures indicate that Jordan’s industry overcame hardships and enhanced its presence in important global markets based on its “high” quality and competitiveness.

The Chamber’s exports increased by 17% last year, reaching JD5,462, compared to JD4,655 billion in 2019.

The United States, India, Saudi Arabia and Iraq accounted for the majority of the Chamber’s exports last year, with a value of JD3.111 billion, the ACI’s data showed.

The Chamber’s exports to the United States increased last year by 91% to become at the forefront of Arab and foreign countries that import the most ACI’s exports, registering a value of JD1,049 billion, compared to JD548 million in 2019.

According to ACI figures, the Chamber’s exports to India increased last year 2021 by 31%, to reach about JD922 million, compared to JD705 million in 2019.

The Chamber’s exports to the Iraqi market increased last year by 2%, recording JD559 million, compared to JD548 million in 2019.

On the other hand, ACI exports to Saudi Arabia went down last year by 3%, declining to JD581 million, compared to JD596 million in 2019.

Statistical data indicated that the Chamber’s exports to neighboring Syria increased by 36% to reach about JD95 million, compared to JD69 million in 2019.

ACI exports rose during the same year to many Arab and foreign countries, most notably Indonesia, Egypt, Brazil, Algeria, Turkey, Sudan, Yemen, Malaysia, and Spain, in addition to many other countries.

Chamber’s exports dropped to many countries in 2021, including Palestine, the United Arab Emirates, China, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Italy, Bahrain, Tunisia, and several other countries.

The Chamber’s exports last year 2021 in the mining industries accounted for JD1.452 billion, chemical and cosmetics were at a value of JD1,070 billion, and foodstuff, agricultural, and livestock sectors were at about JD657 million.

The engineering, electrical, and information technology sectors exports amounted to JD653 million, therapeutic and medical supplies were about JD603 million, and leather and textiles reached about JD452 million.


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