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Al-Fayez says Jordan pushes for 60-day Gaza ceasefire

By : JD News Desk

Jordan Daily – Senate President, Faisal Al-Fayez, affirmed Jordan’s efforts to implement a 60-day ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, extending beyond the month of Ramadan to mitigate further tragedies.

Speaking to Al Arabiya, Al-Fayez emphasized Jordan’s assertive political stance, domestically and internationally, with efforts directed by King Abdullah II towards halting the war and finding a political solution to the Palestinian issue through a ceasefire.

Al-Fayez also stressed the alignment between public sentiment and official policy, despite internal and external attempts to sow discord , highlighting Jordan’s solid stance, which remains unmatchable due to its clarity and proximity to the Palestinian cause.

He pointed out that 80% of US Congress members concur with King Abdullah’s views on the two-state solution and recognizing the Palestinian state. He noted a growing seriousness among most European Union countries towards recognizing Palestine, despite Israel’s reluctance for peace.

Addressing the issue of displacement, Al-Fayez reiterated Jordan and Egypt’s categorical rejection of displacement due to its significant threat to national security, as King Abdullah labeled it a “declaration of war on Jordan.”

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