Al-Kindi Hospital hosts lecture on disability awareness

By : JD

Jordan Daily – Al-Kindi Hospital, a private medical facility , held a lecture on disability concepts, references and practices as part of its continuous education and development program.

The lecture, delivered by Dr. Hamoud Salem Al-Aleimat, a disability expert, addressed various topics such as the definitions and types of disability, the integration and participation of people with disabilities in society, the data and statistics from the World Health Organization, the international convention on the rights of people with disabilities, and the best ways to communicate and interact with them.

The lecture was attended by the hospital’s managers, employees and staff at the main conference center.

Al-Kindi Hospital offers a range of medical services and specialties, including obesity surgery, cosmetic surgery, liposuction, vascular surgery, fertility treatment, lithotripsy, interventional radiology, cancer detection, organ transplantation, catheterization, open heart surgery, endoscopy and emergency care.

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