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Al-Kindi Hospital marks fourth anniversary, celebrates remarkable success

Jordan Daily – Dr. Mohammad Khrais, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Kindi Hospital, patronized  a celebration marking the hospital remarkable journey of success and excellence in the healthcare domain as it celebrated its fourth anniversary.

During his address , Dr. Khrais commended the concerted efforts that have propelled the hospital’s growth and its ascent to global recognition, all while consistently delivering top-notch medical care to its patients.

Dr. Khrais underscored the critical role played by the effective utilization of talents, and the strict adherence to both international and local policies and procedures. These factors have been instrumental in securing comprehensive accreditation for Al-Kindi Hospital. Notably, the hospital has received accreditation from the Health Care Accreditation Council (HCAC) for its breast mammogram unit, in addition to accreditation for its intern doctor training programs and general accreditation.

It has also gained recognition for its training programs for resident doctors, enabling them to attain the Jordanian Board certification. Furthermore, the hospital has achieved accreditation for its programs training general surgery doctors to obtain the Jordanian Board certification by the Jordanian Medical Council.

Al-Kindi Hospital, a distinguished private medical institution, boasts a comprehensive range of medical specialties and specialized centers. These encompass obesity surgery, plastic surgery, liposuction, vascular surgery, fertility treatments, lithotripsy, interventional radiology, breast cancer detection, organ transplantation surgeries, catheterization procedures, open-heart surgeries, and a cutting-edge gastrointestinal endoscopy unit.

The facility has ten specialized operating rooms for major surgical procedures, as well as a dedicated ambulance service and a state-of-the-art emergency department equipped with the latest medical technology and modern ambulances.

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