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Alliance Academy Jordan will be adding American High School Diploma next academic year

Jordan Daily – The Alliance Academy – Jordan (AAJ) will be adding the American education system to high school students (American High School Diploma (AHSD), according to a statement released on Sunday.

The next academic year will be dedicated to completing the accreditation requirements with the International Accreditation Organization and the Ministry of Education, in addition to completing all the educational requirements from qualified teachers for the system, while the full implementation of the system will begin in the 2025-2026 academic year.

This came after the approval of the academy’s board of trustees in its meeting held on April 29, 2024, to adopt the American system, and the blessing of the mother church the Christian Alliance Church to add the American system to the academy.

Salam Madanat, director general of the academy, said that the addition of the American system is a step in the stages of the academy’s growth to provide options for students to suit their desires and needs. “We have done all the studies to find out the needs of our students and our ability to provide the highest levels of education to ensure the provision of good opportunities for our students to apply to various international universities.”

The principal of the school Jamana Akkawii also expressed her happiness with the decision. “We are now in the process of intensive work on increasing the cadre of qualified teachers and conducting the necessary training and providing all the requirements for the success of the new project that will enrich the academy and meet the needs of the students and provide them with more opportunities for academic and personal excellence.”

The Alliance Academy in Yadouda, owned by the Christian Alliance Church in Jordan and the Holy Land, will be the first Christian school in Jordan to provide its students with the American high school diploma system in addition to the currently approved British system, knowing that the academy provides education for all grades in English in addition to a special emphasis on teaching the Arabic language and Ministry of Education requirements.

The Alliance Academy celebrated its tenth anniversary on May 31 and the graduation of the first cohort of its students under the auspices of the Minister of Education.

The academy was founded in 2014 to provide excellent education in a loving, caring and inclusive environment where everyone can grow holistically to make a positive impact in their community.

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