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America takes the wrong path in history

By : Dr. Munther Hawarat

Jordan Daily – In the aftermath of the October 7th attack launched by Hamas on Israeli occupation forces in the Gaza Strip, the United States rushed to condemn the action, reaffirming its steadfast support for Israel. This unequivocal support, however, warrants scrutiny, as it raises questions about America’s awareness of the legal and humanitarian realities on the ground.

Gaza has endured decades of occupation and siege, with its people witnessing the displacement of their villages and the stark contrast between their impoverished living conditions and the well-being of Israeli settlers. The disparity in international aid further underscores the imbalance, leaving Gazans to grapple with the consequences of a conflict where they seem to have little recourse.

In its condemnation of Hamas, the United States seems to have overlooked the deep-seated grievances of a population subjected to the hardships of bombing and death. The question arises: do the deprived and occupied not have the right to express their frustration in the face of such adversity?

The American response reflects a departure from the values the nation has long championed – the very values it sought to export globally. By aligning unquestioningly with Israel, the U.S. risks forsaking its commitment to justice and historical principles. The indiscriminate Israeli actions resulting in the loss of innocent lives, including children and the elderly, challenge the core tenets of freedom and human rights that the United States claims to embody.

Historically, nations at the zenith of their power have fallen when they lost sight of their foundational values. The Gaza situation signals a critical juncture for the United States, where its failure to align with justice and historical values may indicate a decline in its moral authority. The blind support for an entity tarnished by decades of Palestinian bloodshed raises doubts about America’s ability to uphold its founding principles.

In conclusion, America finds itself at a crossroads, having chosen the wrong side of history in the Gaza conflict. The need for a course correction is evident, not just to salvage its standing in the international community but to reaffirm a commitment to justice, freedom, and the values that have defined its own historical journey. The true strength of a nation lies not only in its military might but in its unwavering dedication to principles that stand the test of time.


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