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Aqaba sees tourism surge during Eid al-Fitr holiday

By : News Editor

Jordan Daily  – Aqaba welcomed over 110,000 visitors during the Eid al-Fitr holiday, with hotels reporting an average occupancy rate of 89%, according to a statement from the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA).

The influx of visitors included 95,000 who arrived via the Wadi al-Yatam and Wadi Araba crossings, and an additional 15,000 international tourists who entered the city through land, air, and sea routes, said Hamza Al-Haj Hassan, the Commissioner of Tourism and Economy at ASEZA.

The city’s traffic system, equipped with smart cameras, recorded the entry of approximately 13,000 cars and 1,800 large and medium-sized buses.

In addition to Aqaba’s bustling activity, the nearby Wadi Rum, managed by the ASEZA Rum Natural Reserve staff, also saw a surge in tourism numbers with 8,000 foreign and local visitors during the holiday period.

Al-Haj Hassan attributed the successful holiday season to “active tourist and commercial movement due to systematic marketing” and the collaborative efforts of ASEZA, the Aqaba Chamber of Commerce (ACC), and the private sector in providing facilities for tourists and services for hotel and marine facilities.

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