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Arab investment in Jordan’s industrial cities tops $1.6 Billion, creates 5,726 jobs

Jordan Daily –  Arab companies have poured a substantial investment of JD1.162 billion into industrial cities under the wing of the Jordan Industrial Estates Company (JIEC), bolstering the economic landscape of Jordan and generating a robust 5,726 job opportunities, according to the latest statistical data released by JIEC.

Diversifying their investments across a wide array of sectors, Arab businesses have made their mark in Jordan, with a significant presence in industries such as food (69 companies), pharmaceuticals (24 companies), engineering (37 companies), plastic (41 companies), chemical (34 companies), textile (35 companies), furniture and kitchen manufacturing (6 companies), paper and cardboard (29 companies), leather (9 companies), and construction (4 companies).

Moreover, the industrious spirit of collaboration has led to the establishment of eight joint Arab ventures alongside other nationalities within the nine industrial cities throughout Jordan. While one such venture in Zarqa is still in the construction phase, these eight companies have collectively invested JD23 million, breathing life into 497 job opportunities.

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