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Azm Party lauds King Abdullah’s direct aid to Gaza amid siege

By : JD News Desk

Jordan Daily – The Azm Party praised Jordan’s stances led by His Majesty King Abdullah II in support of Palestinians in Gaza , as the armed forces carried out a substantial airdrop operation into the Strip, the largest of its kind.

The operation, which took place on Monday evening, involved four separate drops of food and aid directly to the people, bypassing a field hospital, signaling a direct challenge to the ongoing siege.

Zaid Naffa, the Azm Party’s secretary-general, hailed the airdrop as a bold political statement and a tangible breach of the blockade, aligning with King Abdullah’s diplomatic efforts to ease Palestinian suffering. The operation underscores Jordan’s long-standing policy that prioritizes Palestine as a central concern, with Jerusalem at its heart.

Naffa affirmed the party’s backing of King Abdullah’s stance against what he described “war crimes” by Israeli forces in Gaza and Palestine , urging Jordanians to unite behind the king , armed forces and the security services , asserting Jordan’s solid commitment to Palestinian aid, irrespective of the sacrifices involved.

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