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Azm Party leader calls for political participation and reform in Jordan

By: staff writer

Jordan Daily – The leader of  “Azm” Party urged citizens on Friday to join political parties and work for change, as part of a state-led modernization project under King Abdullah II.

Engineer Zaid Naffa, the secretary-general of the party, said Jordanians should bear their national responsibilities and participate in developing the reality of political and partisan work.

“We have to move forward in the comprehensive modernization project of the state … towards a new Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan that combines the spirit of the age with the Jordanian identity,” he said in a  meeting in Hai Al- Tafaileh in the capital Amman.

Naffa said his party aims to create a free national economy that would attract and empower investment, achieve economic growth, reduce poverty and unemployment, and rebuild the middle class.

He stressed the importance of strategic planning and finding solutions for the of energy and water issues , which he said “burdened the state and the citizen.”

Naffa also emphasized the role of the Jordanian family as the basic building block of society and the most important educational and economic institution.

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