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Azm Party stands firm on Jordan’s security and stability

By : JD

Jordan Daily – The Azm Party reiterated its rejection of any compromise on the security and stability of Jordan , or any infringement on its resources and its support for security forces in confronting any attempt to disrupt Jordan’s security.

The party’s spokesperson, Mohammed Salamat  Al-Barmawi, emphasized that peaceful protest and demand for rights are constitutionally guaranteed, but any uncivilized expression leading to sabotage and endangering societal security and stability is unacceptable.

He urged Jordanians to prioritize national interest, responsibility, and genuine belonging, ignoring slogans that could destabilize the country , calling on the Jordanian people to remain committed to maintaining Jordan as a free and cherished homeland and a sanctuary for those seeking security and safety.

The party further aligned itself with King Abdullah II’s calls for an end to the war on Gaza and sustainable delivery of humanitarian aid to its residents, affirming Jordan’s support for the Palestinian people until they achieve their rights and establish an independent state on their national soil, with Jerusalem as its capital.

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