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Azm Party’s Naffa calls for active women participation in politics

Jordan Daily – The Secretary-General of Azm Party, Engineer Zaid Naffa, has called on Jordanian women to seize the valuable opportunity guaranteed by the Hashemite leadership and regulatory legislation, and to actively participate in party and political work to bring about the desired change, which will provide additional opportunities for women.

During his sponsorship of the Mother’s Day celebration organized by the Icon Foundation for Sustainable Development in Zarqa, Naffa added that the Azm Party believes in the great status of the mother and her authentic role in building the family, as the basic pillar of society.

He said that the party has taken upon itself the responsibility of defending women, empowering them, and enhancing their participation away from “shy quotas”, and it continues to do so to achieve more achievements and successes that are added to the honorable record of the Jordanian woman. He pointed to the distinction of “Azm” in the participation of women, who constitute 54 percent of the party members and in various leadership positions.

Naffa also reviewed Azm’s economic vision in liberating the economy with Jordanian specificity, to attract foreign investment and enhance local investment, to push the wheel of growth and development that alleviates poverty and unemployment and rebuilds the middle class.

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