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British Council expands IELTS accessibility with Applied Science Private University

Jordan Daily -The British Council Jordan announced a new partnership with Applied Science Private University (ASU) to offer IELTS registration and testing services. ASU, one of Jordan’s most respected private universities, will serve as a new registration centre and test venue, strategically located in Shafaa Badran, North Amman.

According to a statement ,this partnership aims to increase accessibility for IELTS candidates in North Amman and surrounding areas. Previously, residents in this region faced travel times of 40-50 minutes to reach the British Council Jordan office for IELTS services. The new ASU location will not only serve North Amman but also cater to students and candidates from nearby cities like Zarqa and Jerash.

“We are delighted to partner with Applied Science Private University to expand our IELTS testing network. ASU’s well-established reputation and convenient location in North Amman will significantly benefit students and professionals seeking to take the IELTS test for academic and career progression.” said Ameera Mannaa, Director of Exams, MENA North, British Council.

“This partnership signifies a mutual commitment to promoting English language proficiency, a skill crucial for academic and professional success in today’s globalized world. By offering the IELTS exam on-site, ASU not only provides convenience for its students but also aligns itself with the British Council’s mission of fostering English language education worldwide. By becoming an IELTS exam site, ASU enhances its reputation and visibility as a hub for academic excellence and internationalization.” said Professor Samiha Jarrah, President, Applied Science Private University.

With a current enrolment of over 10,000 students, including 9,000 undergraduates and 1,000 postgraduates, ASU presents a considerable need to connect with a large pool of potential IELTS test takers. This partnership strengthens the British Council’s commitment to providing accessible and high-quality English language testing services throughout Jordan, the statement concluded.

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