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Cabinet endorses tourism national strategy 2021-2025

 Jordan Daily – The cabinet Sunday endorsed the national strategy for tourism in Jordan 2021-2025 that seeks to reinvigorate tourism in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic.

Nayef Fayez, tourism minister, said tourism in 2021 saw an improvement, especially in the second half of the year, attributing the recovery to the opening up of the country, which increased the number of foreign tourists, reaching its peak in August with 383,000 tourists.

Fayez highlighted the strategy was developed in partnership with the private sector, emphasising that its main focus is to increase the number of tourists, generate more revenue from tourism and create job opportunities.

He said the strategy is in line with the government’s economic priorities for 2021-2023 that included tourism.

The Cabinet also approved the building and urban planning law 2021 that regulates the process of building, giving emphasis on green areas and cultural buildings.

It also approved settling tax issues with 49 individuals and companies.

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