Crown Prince Al Hussein: Championing youth, innovation and sustainability

By :  Dr. Ali Fawaz Al-Adwan

On July 1, 2009, His Majesty King Abdullah II issued a royal decree appointing his eldest son, His Royal Highness Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II, as Crown Prince. Since then, Prince Hussein has achieved many milestones and participated in numerous international events, reflecting the vision of the Hashemite leadership and its commitment to the progress and prosperity of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan through various local and global activities and initiatives. The most prominent of these include:

Youth Leadership and Future Orientation

Since assuming the position of Crown Prince, Prince Hussein has demonstrated remarkable leadership and innovation, embodying the vision and aspirations of Jordanian youth. His Highness has participated in many local and international events and conferences aimed at enhancing the role of youth in society and enabling them to realize their potential.

Education and Innovation

HRH Prince Hussein has shown a special interest in education and innovation. He has launched numerous initiatives aimed at improving the quality of education and encouraging creativity among Jordanian youth. One of the most prominent of these initiatives is the “Youth 42 Initiative,” which seeks to develop the skills of young people in the fields of science, technology, and mathematics.

 International Participation

Prince Hussein’s efforts extend beyond the local level to active participation on the international scene. He has attended many global conferences and forums, such as the World Economic Forum, where he raised important issues related to sustainable development, security, and peace. He also delivered speeches at the United Nations on the challenges facing youth and their role in building the future.

Humanitarian and Community Work

Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II is known for his humanitarian and community activities. He has visited many health centers and hospitals, supporting efforts to improve healthcare in Jordan. He has also participated in launching blood donation and health awareness campaigns, reflecting his commitment to the health and well-being of citizens.

 Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Prince Hussein has been keen to support entrepreneurs and innovators by launching programs and projects aimed at stimulating the spirit of initiative and creativity. He has supported the establishment of business incubators and start-up accelerators, which have contributed to strengthening the economic environment in Jordan and creating new job opportunities for young people.

Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection

Prince Hussein has played a prominent role in promoting national and international efforts to protect the environment and achieve sustainable development. He has participated in international environmental conferences and treaties, highlighting the importance of adopting sustainable environmental policies to preserve natural resources for future generations.


During the fifteen years since His Royal Highness Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II assumed the position of Crown Prince, he has proven his ability and competence as a youth leader committed to developing Jordan and achieving its future vision. His achievements in various fields, from education and health to innovation and sustainable development, emphasize his important role in enhancing Jordan’s position on the international stage.

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