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Deputies withdraw from session amid dispute over General Pardon Bill

By : JD News Desk

Jordan Daily – The Islah (Reform) Parliamentary Bloc withdrew from a session of the House of Representatives on Tuesday, which was dedicated to discussing the General Pardon bill proposed by the government.

The withdrawal came in protest against what the government presented in the bill, the restriction of the House of Representatives’ discussion mechanism for the bill, and the wide exceptions included in the law.

The bloc decided to withdraw due to the rejection of its deputies’ proposals for a thorough study of the law.

In a statement, the bloc said: “The Reform Parliamentary Bloc decided to withdraw from the session discussing the ‘General Pardon Bill’ after the House insisted on discussing and passing the bill in the same session without referring it to the specialized committees and limiting the deputy’s intervention to only two minutes.”

The statement added: “The bloc saw no benefit in continuing the discussion in light of the 38 exceptions that the government included in the bill, which requires extensive discussion to align the project with the aspirations of the Jordanian people who were optimistic about the royal directive to pass a general pardon law.”

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