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EDU-SYRIA/ EDU-JORDAN Program launches the results of “Labour Market Needs” Study

Jordan Daily – EDU-SYRIA/EDU-JORDAN Program, funded by the European Union through the Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian Crisis, “Madad”, and managed by the German Jordanian University, launched on 25 November the results of the research study entitled “Jordanian Labor Market Needs“.

In a statement, this study aims to identify the needs of the Jordanian labor market, the required skills, and to evaluate employment options for Jordanian youth and Syrian refugees.

The desk study, which drew on statistics from the Amman Chambers of Industry and Commerce, found there were high hopes for employment during the recovery period following COVID-19. The field study that included interviews with employers, Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) program alumni, and experts, supported this. But it also revealed the disparity between labor market expectations and TVET center production.

The field study also indicated other areas for TVET centers to address in order to achieve greater alignment with labor market demands. The findings of both studies were utilized to develop a list of suggestions for future training programs. This initiative aims to improve existing training programs and develop new ones for vulnerable Jordanians and Syrian refugees as part of the EDU-SYRIA program.

In his welcoming note, the EDU-SYRIA / EDU-JORDAN program manager, Dr. Dhiah el Diehn Abou-Tair, said that the program has provided so far 2,921 educational scholarships to vulnerable Jordanians and Syrian refugees, of whom 1,444 students have graduated, so it is important to help these graduates enter the labor market, and show the available job positions to those who are still studying. Moreover, Dr. Abou-Tair pointed that the program targets also to enroll 1235 young people in entrepreneurship training and qualification courses to enter the labor market.

The President of the German Jordanian University, Prof. Dr. Alaa Al-Din Al-Halhouli, stated, “The EDU-SYRIA program took the initiative to improve the employability of the vulnerable Jordanian and Syrian refugee youths by establishing the Labor Market action”. Prof. Dr. Al-Halhouli stressed that similar employability actions should be further established.

Dr. Nael Al-Husami, general manager of the Amman Chamber of Industry (ACI), praised the collaboration between EDU-SYRIA and the Amman Chamber of Industry, as well as the relationships made with Jordanian company owners and managers in the manufacturing and logistics sectors. Dr. Nael Al-Husami emphasized that the ACI would remain available to any collaboration that would help to improve the employability of vulnerable Jordanian and Syrian refugee youths.

The European Union representative, Mr. Giulio Gentile, stated “The EU is proud to support EDU-SYRIA program that is not only focused on educational aspects, rather it aims to enhance the employability of vulnerable Jordanian and Syrian refugee youths. “Learn to earn” by having our graduates serve additional six-month practical/clinical training that they did not receive during their regular higher education. Only 3% of refugees worldwide have access to higher education. With this program we invest in learning but also employability and entrepreneurship.”

The Euro 32.6 million-EDU-SYRIA / EDU-JORDAN scholarship program, which is fund by EU through Madad, aims to provide more than 3000 scholarships for Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanians who are beneficiaries of local aid funds (the National Aid Fund, Al-Aman Fund, Zakat Fund and Tkiyet Um Ali). These scholarships help the beneficiaries to pursue higher education (bachelor’s or masters), vocational education or professional diploma in teaching. The project also provides training on entrepreneurship support and labor market preparatory courses.

EDU-SYRIA / EDU-JORDAN Program is a consortium of 9 local and international partners: the German Jordanian University (consortium leader), the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the Dutch Organization for Internationalisation in Education (Nuffic), the Queen Rania Teacher Academy, the Jordan University of Science and Technology, Yarmouk University, Mutah University, Zarqa University and Luminus Technical University College.

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