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Energy minister advocates for advanced green hydrogen infrastructure in Jordan

By : JD

Jordan Daily – Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Dr. Saleh Al-Kharabsheh, confirmed Jordan’s pursuit to construct optimal infrastructure for green hydrogen ventures, in a statement on Monday.

Addressing a gathering of stakeholders at the inaugural green hydrogen investor roundtable, Al-Kharabsheh underscored the strategic significance of fostering partnerships for domestic green hydrogen production.

The minister pointed to Jordan’s leading position in renewable energy within the region, with renewables comprising 27% of its total electricity output by 2022’s close, as per the Arab Future Energy Index (AFEX) report.

Al-Kharabsheh lauded the ministry’s proactive role in green energy exportation, aligning with the royal directives and economic modernization vision to transform Jordan into a pivotal regional hydrogen production and export hub.

He further detailed Jordan’s strides towards a green hydrogen-based economy, marked by the formulation of a national strategy and a hydrogen roadmap, alongside the establishment of necessary regulatory and legislative frameworks to spur investment, emphasizing the critical nature of local and export market studies for green hydrogen.

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