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Energy Minister highlights promising copper exploration project in Wadi Araba

Jordan Daily –  Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Saleh Kharabsheh, emphasized the significance of a copper exploration project in the southern Wadi Araba region. The project, spearheaded by the Jordan Integrated for Mining and Exploration Company, is being carried out under a memorandum of understanding inked last year.

During a site visit to Wadi Al-Jariya, located south of the Dana Natural Reserve, Minister Kharabsheh lauded the project’s progress, citing “positive” findings from studies indicating copper ore concentrations of 3.5 percent. This development comes amid surging global demand for copper, with Kharabsheh highlighting the additional value associated with this mineral.

Kharabsheh disclosed that three local and international companies are currently engaged in prospecting for copper ore within Jordan. In addition, the Ministry itself has an ongoing project in this sector. He underscored the nation’s commitment to the mining industry as a driver of value-added industries, in line with the national economic modernization vision.

The Ministry has sealed 13 memorandums of understanding for the exploration of various resources, including copper ore, lithium, gold, rare earth elements, and rock potash and phosphate. Efforts are underway to accelerate mining operations in collaboration with sector partners.

Furthermore, Kharabsheh highlighted another copper mining venture in Dana, emphasizing adherence to international environmental standards to safeguard the region’s vital natural reserve.

During his inspection, the minister received updates on the progress of surface exploration for porphyry copper deposits, sample collection, trench excavation, and exploratory well drilling. These activities are part of comprehensive studies aimed at assessing copper ore reserves and evaluating the economic viability of mining operations in the region.

Zuhair Hassanin, Director of the mining company, reported that excavations commenced in Dana last year, with ongoing testing of samples in laboratories located in Austria and Turkey. Preliminary results indicate higher copper ore concentrations in three regions compared to earlier findings.

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