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Ericsson’s legacy: pioneering Jordan’s digital revolution and sustainable future 

By: Kevin Murphy

Vice President and Head of Ericsson Levant Countries at Ericsson Middle East and Africa

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is renowned for its thriving mobile and technology industry, driven by the nation’s forward-thinking approach and strategic investments in ICT. According to Go-Globe, the ICT industry contributes 3.8% of the nation’s GDP and generates annual revenues exceeding $2.3 billion. The Kingdom also ranks 49th on the Global Entrepreneurship Index and accounts for 27% of its tech entrepreneurs in the MENA region. This is indeed a remarkable feat, as Jordanians constitute only 3% of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region’s population.

A Legacy of Partnership and Progress

Underpinning this digital transformation are the infrastructural investments and mobile solutions delivered by Ericsson. Ericsson’s relationship with Jordan began in 1983 with the establishment of a regional office. Following the Jordanian government’s issuance of new mobile licenses in 1999, Ericsson has forged strong partnerships with all major service providers in the country, including Zain, Umniah, and Orange, delivering cutting-edge technology and digital connectivity across the nation.

Our collaborations have been instrumental in advancing Jordan’s digital landscape and milestones, from deploying IMS and cloud infrastructure, to significant RAN swap deals, modernizing our partners’ networks, and the launch and rollout of 5G network.

Contributing to the Vision and National Agenda

Ericsson’s mission in Jordan aligns closely with the national agenda and the vision set forth by the government. It is particularly aligned with the current National Digital Transformation Strategy and Implementation Plan 2021–25, which aims to enhance the digitalization of government services, improve connectivity, and create at least 50,000 direct jobs in the digital sector by 2025.

Ericsson has been providing the telecommunications infrastructure and innovative solutions that are empowering government services, businesses, and individuals to confidently connect in line with the national digital strategy.

Empowering Local Talent

We are deeply committed to empowering local talent and developing digital skills. This commitment includes providing employment opportunities and supporting graduates through internships and training programs, all aimed at fostering a vibrant digital economy.

Since its establishment, Ericsson has employed hundreds of professionals in Jordan, and we have recently relocated several regional leaders to Amman to strengthen local expertise. Our goal is to ensure that our technology and 5G leadership support Jordan’s digital transformation plans effectively.

One of our notable initiatives empowering local talent in the Kingdom is the Ericsson Educate program, launched in partnership with Orange Jordan. This digital learning platform aims to upskill university students, preparing them for careers in the telecom and ICT sectors. The program offers interactive courses on 5G networks, IoT, data science, automation, AI, and ML, accessible free of charge. By promoting this portal through Orange Jordan’s youth-oriented programs and social media channels, we are helping to empower the next generation of digital leaders in Jordan.

Championing Sustainability

Pioneering sustainability is central to Ericsson’s mission. Our research indicates that ICT solutions can reduce global carbon emissions by up to 15% by 2030, highlighting the sector’s potential to drive a low-carbon economy. In Jordan, we are committed to supporting society with technology that creates positive impacts while simultaneously reducing our carbon footprint. Our company-wide sustainability program focuses on integrating circularity and sustainability into our products and services, ensuring that our operations contribute positively to the environment.

A Smart Step into the Future

With the recent introduction of 5G, Jordan is poised to enhance its competitive edge in the ICT sector. The Kingdom has successfully developed a highly competitive ICT landscape, serving as a pioneering sector in the MENA region and contributing significantly to the country’s globalization.

As we open our new office in Jordan, we are not just expanding our physical presence but also deepening our commitment to a partnership that has been instrumental in shaping Jordan’s digital future. This marks a significant step forward in our journey alongside Jordan, which we believe solidifies the foundation for continued collaboration and mutual growth in the ever-evolving landscape of ICT.

Through continuous innovation, sustainable practices, and a focus on local talent, we remain dedicated to helping Jordan achieve its vision of becoming a regional ICT hub and a beacon of digital excellence. Together, we are building a connected, prosperous, and sustainable future for the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Mr. Kevin Murphy has exclusively contributed this piece to the Jordan Daily

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