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Expert lectures on enhancing patient experience and satisfaction at Al-Kindi Hospital

Jordan Daily – Dr. Omar Al-Shalabi, a consultant in internal medicine and an expert in medical transfers and contracts at Saudi Aramco and Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare, delivered a lecture on improving patient satisfaction at hospitals, the hospital said on Saturday.

The lecture, attended by hospital chairman Dr. Mohammad Khrais and other staff, focused on how medical institutions can provide safe, high-quality and cost-effective services that meet the needs and expectations of patients and their families.

Al-Shalabi also discussed the challenges and opportunities of medical tourism in Jordan, a regional hub for health care that attracts travelers from around the world.

He stressed the importance of trust, transparency, honesty, communication, professionalism, confidentiality and respect in building a positive reputation and enhancing the vision and mission of the hospital.

Al-Kindi Hospital is a private hospital that offers a range of medical specialties and services, including obesity surgery, cosmetic surgery, vascular surgery, fertility treatment, cancer detection, organ transplantation, catheterization, open heart surgery and emergency care.

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