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“Female Pioneers of Change” Program concluded today

 Jordan Daily -The Jordan Breast Cancer Program (JBCP) concluded Tuesday, a Training-of-Trainers (ToT) program for “Female Pioneers of Change” in the Balqa and Tafileh governorates

The program, which was implemented by a group of activists from local community institutions, volunteers, health care workers and women’s groups advocates, kicked off a series of educational activities for local communities

The JBCP pointed out in a statement that the training is funded by the European Union, and is part of its endeavor to support the Blended Learning and Behavior Change for Local Development Project

It added that the training workshops’ goal was to raise society’s awareness and enable women and train them to carry out educational activities with the aim of shifting the social behavior of targeted groups in many fields such as cancer prevention and the need to follow a healthy lifestyle

The training tackled issues such as gender and entrepreneurship to stress the importance of educating women on their rights, and the importance of achieving financial independence, as it has a major effect on her decisions, especially health related ones.

The JBCP is currently running 30 educational events for local communities in Balqa and Tafeeleh, including entertainment activities for women and children such as plays, educational booths, and contests. These events target more than 3,000 individuals of the local community to encourage them to make sound health-related decisions.

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