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Fog covers some of kingdom’s roads, traffic official warns drivers

By : JD

Jordan Daily – Foggy weather caused low visibility on some of kingdom’s external roads on Wednesday morning, but most of them remained open and obstacle-free, a traffic official said.

Captain Amer Bani Nasser, from the the Highway Patrols Department told the public security radio that the affected roads included the Zarqa-Amman highway, the Balama-Zarqa road, the airport road, the developmental corridor road, the Zarqa-Jerash road, the Adasiya-Naour road, the Mowquer road, the Qatrana-Jarf Al-Darawish road, and the Jafr-Bayer road.

He urged drivers to follow the traffic rules and avoid dangerous violations such as changing lanes, driving in the opposite direction, and speeding, which he said are the main causes of accidents.

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