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Former minister calls for firm Arab stance on Gaza crisis

By : JD

Jordan Daily – Former Interior Minister Samir Al-Habashneh said that the Arab foreign ministers meeting today in Amman with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken are facing a historical test.

Al-Habashneh characterized the meeting of Arab foreign ministers as a pivotal moment, urging them to adopt a resolute stance in response to the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

He highlighted the urgency for the ministers to deliver a strong message to Secretary Blinken, emphasizing the need for action over repetitive and ineffective condemnations. He invoked the decisive diplomacy of the late King Hussein, who once leveraged a peace treaty for the release of Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmad Yasin, to illustrate the potential impact of a firm Arab position.

The former minister concluded with a call for a powerful counter to the occupation’s arrogance, advocating for solidarity with Gaza’s residents in their plight.

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