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Formula One fans expect a season of speed and spectacle

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Jordan Daily – The 2024 Formula One season, starting with the Bahrain Grand Prix on 2 March, promises a blend of traditional rivalries with cutting-edge technical changes. These evolving dynamics ensure that fans can look forward to an F1 season full of drama, action, and unforgettable racing. Here are just a few reasons why it is shaping up to be an extraordinary year for the sport:

  1. New Cars and Shifting Team Dynamics

The 2024 season welcomes new car designs and aerodynamic regulations that promise to shake up the competitive order. Teams like Red Bull and the newly rebranded RB (formerly AlphaTauri) and Kick Sauber (previously Alfa Romeo) are in pole repositioning with these changes, offering a fresh look, and potentially altering team dynamics​​​​.


  1. Guenther Steiner’s Departure from Haas

The departure of Guenther Steiner from Haas adds another layer of intrigue, signalling a new chapter for the team as they navigate the 2024 season without one of arguably the sport’s most charismatic and colourful team principals​. With Ayao Komatsu as his replacement, all eyes are on Haas and whether they can do better in the constructors’ championship this season.

  1. Spotlight on Top Players and Team Principals

In 2025, Lewis Hamilton, the most successful driver in the history of F1 will move to Ferrari, the most successful team in the history of the sport. While Mercedes will have to rely entirely on Russell, Leclerc is expected to have an edge over Hamilton at Ferrari. The ongoing anticipation around the 2025 season implies that the intricate relationships and strategies between team principals and their drivers will be under intense scrutiny, especially for teams like Mercedes, Red Bull, McLaren, and Ferrari. The leadership styles of Toto Wolff, Christian Horner, Andreas Seidl, and Mattia Binotto, coupled with their interactions with star drivers, will be a fascinating element in this season’s unfolding drama.

  1. Accessing F1 on Any Screen, Anytime: F1 has gained a huge following in the Middle East which is now central to the sport’s calendar with races in Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. TOD is bringing the excitement and intensity of F1 racing directly to viewers, wherever they are and on any device they choose. TOD will be streaming the races in 4K resolution, with race day commentary in English and Arabic, along with augmented reality studios that capture the thrill and electric atmosphere of the world’s most famous race tracks.

The F1 2024 season promises a fascinating mix of continuity and change, with established stars and emerging talents set to light up the grid amid the backdrop of evolving team dynamics and intense rivalries​​. This combination of on-track action, strategic battles, and the personal dramas unfolding within and between teams, makes the formula one 2024 season a must-watch for fans and newcomers alike.

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