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From Amman to Budapest: The remarkable journey of Zaid Naffa

By : Staff writer

Jordan Daily – Zaid Naffa has a remarkable resume. He is a mechanical engineer, a successful businessman, and politician. He is also the honorary consul of Jordan to Hungary, a role that he has held since 2003.

Naffa’s journey began in Amman, where he was born and raised. He attended primary and secondary school in the Jordanian capital, where he developed a passion for science and technology. In 1984, he moved to Hungary to pursue his dream of studying mechanical engineering at the University of Technology.

He graduated with a BSc degree in 1989, and then continued his studies at the University of Applied Sciences, where he obtained an MSc degree in heating, ventilation and air conditioning in 1992.

After completing his education, Naffa decided to stay in Hungary and start his own business. He founded Jordan Tours, a company that offers travel services to Jordan and other destinations in the Middle East. He also established good relations with successive Hungarian governments, and became an active member of the Arab community in Hungary.

In 2003, he was appointed as the honorary consul of Jordan in Hungary, a position that he still holds today. As the official representative of his country, Naffa has been working to strengthen the bilateral ties between Jordan and Hungary, especially in the fields of education, culture, trade and investment.

One of his most notable achievements is securing 400 scholarships for Jordanian students who want to complete their studies in Hungary in various scientific disciplines and degrees. He says that this is a way of expressing his loyalty and gratitude to his homeland and his people.

Naffa is also involved in the political scene in Jordan, where he has recently founded a new party called “Azm”, following the enactment of a new law for parties and elections. He says that his party advocates for a free economy, a democratic system, and a social protection network that ensures the dignity and welfare of all Jordanians.

He adds that his party is funded by Jordanian sources, both intellectually and financially, and that it aims to attract the minds and talents of the Jordanian youth, who are the future of the country. He meets frequently with his supporters and constituents across the country.

Naffa is a man of many talents and ambitions, but he says that his main motivation is to serve his country and his people, both in Jordan and in Hungary. He says that he is proud of his Jordanian identity and culture, and that he wants to share it with the world.

He is also grateful for his Hungarian experience and connections, and that he wants to use them to benefit both countries, stressing that he is a bridge between Jordan and Hungary, and that he hopes to build more bridges in the future.

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