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Government urges discipline and responsibility in face of regional tensions

By : News Editor

Jordan Daily – The government has urged all parties to exercise restraint and handle the region’s tensions with discipline and responsibility, warning against any escalation that would undoubtedly have serious consequences.

The Cabinet, in a meeting held on Sunday, emphasized the need to work on de-escalation , calling on all parties to act responsibly, exercise utmost self-control, and deal seriously and responsibly with the risks of regional escalation and its significant and dangerous implications for international security and peace.

The Cabinet stressed the need for various media outlets and platforms to exercise the highest levels of accuracy in verifying information and obtaining it from its official approved sources , warning against circulating rumors and inaccurate news, especially those intended to mislead and create an atmosphere of anxiety, fear, and doubt.

It also emphasized that it would deal firmly and with all legal means with this matter , confirming that things are proceeding regularly and normally in the country, and that all public educational, health, and service facilities are operating regularly and steadily, as are the public and private sectors.

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