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Griffiths warns: Half a million people in Gaza are on the verge of famine

Jordan Daily – Martin Griffiths, United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, said that there are half a million people in Gaza on the brink of famine, as they lack the most basic needs of food, water and health care, stressing that the deprivation suffered by the people of Gaza is severe and profound, and any amount of aid will not be enough. For their needs.

He added, “We have asked Israel, as the occupying power in Gaza, to facilitate the arrival of aid to no avail, revealing that the occupation has wiped out entire neighborhoods in the Gaza Strip.”

Griffiths warned of the G20’s reluctance to take any action, saying: “It will lead to the death of more children and women in Gaza… and I call on the members of the G20 to help stop this war and save the people of Gaza.”

He described what happened in Gaza during the past 137 days as unprecedented in its severity, brutality and scope, adding: “What is happening in Gaza has stripped an entire society of its humanity,” stressing that the October 7 attacks do not justify what is happening to Gaza’s children, women and men.

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