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‘Hand that extends towards Jordan will be cut off’,warns Muslim Brotherhood’s Adailah

By : News Editor

Jordan Daily – The General Supervisor of the Muslim Brotherhood, Engineer Murad Al-Adailah, has issued a stern warning against any threats to Jordan, vowing to “cut off the hand that extends towards Jordan.”

Al-Adailah, speaking at a festival organized by the Islamic Movement in Irbid to commemorate the independence of the Kingdom, accused the Israeli occupation of seeking to realize its “Talmudic dreams” at the expense of Jordan and Palestine. He pointed out that the leaders of the “Zionist entity” have been openly targeting Jordan and its sovereignty.

He further stated that the occupation is striving to expand eastward towards Jordan, noting that Washington is completely biased towards the Zionist project. This bias was evident in the aggression on Gaza, where the United States provided weapons and money to kill the Palestinian people. Therefore, he argued, it is impossible to rely on the positions, reassurances, or projects of its leaders.

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