Humanity’s call: Addressing injustice in Gaza

By : Nuha Abu Ali

Jordan Daily – Life’s unfairness is a tough reality that we all come to understand as we grow older. What Angelina Jolie learned over two decades, we seem to grasp from the very beginning just by being raised in this specific area.

As we navigate through the lessons taught in schools and the harsh realities we face daily, it’s heartbreaking to see children struggling to bring food home, knowing that their lives are in danger every moment.

The feeling of helplessness is overwhelming as we witness atrocities happening right before our eyes, with no power to stop it. The erosion of global human rights standards to the point where only certain individuals are allowed to enjoy their basic rights is a stark reminder of the injustices in the world.

The division of human rights based on physical appearance is a painful truth that we must confront. Leaders and decision-makers are often too preoccupied with political matters to pay attention to the cries of children begging for their lives.

Every passing second in Gaza is a threat to the lives of its people, and it’s heartbreaking to think about the countless innocent lives that could have been saved if action was taken sooner.

Let’s reflect on the missed opportunities to bring joy, create laughter, and provide opportunities for those in need.

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