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Industrial investors call for no reduction of customs duties on imports

Jordan Daily – The Eastern Amman Investors Industrial Association (EAIIA) called on the government not to reduce customs duties on the kingdom’s imports, stressing that this would negatively affect the industrial sector.

The association said in a statement , that canceling or reducing customs duties on imports threatens the competitiveness of the Jordanian industry locally and abroad, and will affect the business and investments of companies and industrial facilities.

The EAIIA stressed that the industrial sector contributed significantly to maintaining food security during the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, indicating that the Jordanian industry was able to secure the Kingdom’s needs of foodstuffs, cleaning materials, sterilization and other locally manufactured products.

The Association pointed out that the Jordanian industry is the largest employer of local workforce , and any imbalance will affect its role in generating job opportunities and increasing employment and self-reliance.


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