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Interior minister reaffirms no settlement policy for Syrian refugees

By : staff writer

Jordan Daily – Interior minister Mazen Al-Faraya said on Monday the kingdom would not settle Syrian refugees on its soil, as he visited two camps hosting about 1.3 million Syrians who fled the war in their country.

Al-Faraya said Jordan faces a huge burden in providing services and aid to the refugees, and urged more international support and donations to help cope with the crisis.

He praised the role of the international organizations and donor countries that have been assisting Jordan, and said he hopes the global attention would not shift away from the Syrian refugees due to other conflicts and crises.

He said the government is monitoring the situation of the refugees in all aspects, especially in winter, and ensuring their living conditions are decent in the camps.

He also said that more than 215,000 children were born to Syrian refugees in Jordan since 2011, and warned of the psychological impact of their displacement from their homeland.

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