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Int@j CEO foresees strong Jordanian presence at COMEX, highlights investment opportunities

By : News Editor

Jordan Daily – The Information and Communications Technology Association of Jordan (int@j) announced its readiness to host the Jordanian pavilion at the COMEX exhibition in Muscat for the second consecutive year, which will be held from the 27th to the 30th of this month.

According to a statement by the association on Saturday, the exhibition represents an opportunity for Omani companies to explore the Jordanian market and strengthen mutual cooperation, thereby enhancing the possibility of reaching other regional markets.

The association pointed out that this step reflects Jordan’s commitment as a leading regional center in the field of technology and innovation, confirming the mutual benefits and anticipated cooperation between the two countries in this vital sector.

According to the association, investments in the information technology and communications sector in Oman are witnessing a noticeable increase, with about $6 billion allocated to the sector in 2024, compared to $3 billion in 2019. This trend towards increasing investments highlights the great opportunities for Jordanian companies to enter this emerging and growing market.

The CEO of int@j , Engineer Nidal Al-Bitar, said that the COMEX exhibition provides Jordanian companies with an ideal platform to showcase their capabilities in advanced fields such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and the Internet of Things, which are witnessing increasing demand in Oman. Meanwhile, the Jordanian pavilion will be a parallel opportunity for Omani companies to explore investment opportunities in Jordan.

He expeceted that the Jordanian pavilion will receive significant interaction from visitors and participants, which enhances Jordan’s position as a leader in the field of technology in the region and opens new horizons for economic and technical cooperation between Jordan and Oman.

On the level of startups, he confirmed that the opportunity is available for Jordanian companies to explore investment opportunities, especially since a number of Jordanian startups have managed to obtain investments from Omani investment funds.

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