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Islamic Action Front to participate in 2024 parliamentary elections

By : News Editor

Jordan Daily – The Islamic Action Front (IAF) party has announced its participation in the upcoming 2024 parliamentary elections, according to a press statement released today and seen by the Jordan Daily.

The party’s Shura Council convened in an extraordinary meeting to discuss their stance on the upcoming elections, which are scheduled for the tenth of September. The decision to participate was made after extensive discussions among council members, considering both internal and external challenges facing the nation.

The party has directed its executive office to work towards achieving the desired goals of their participation through specialized committees managing the electoral process. They will continuously monitor developments related to the integrity and safety of the electoral procedures.

The IAF’s participation in the elections is seen as a “significant move in addressing accumulated issues and advancing the nation against any threats, including confronting Zionist ambitions and aggression against the nation and its people,” the statement noted.

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