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Japan provides Maqased Hospital with medical equipment

Jordan Daily – Japan handed over medical equipment to strengthen medical service for vulnerable people  treated at Al-Maqased Charity Hospital

The handover ceremony of medical equipment was held online today , in the presence of H.E. Mr. SHIMAZAKI Kaoru, Ambassador of Japan to Jordan and Dr. Ali Al-Sa’ad, General Manager of the Hospital.

In 2020, The Government of Japan extended a grant of eighty-nine thousand nine hundred and eighty-five US dollars (US$ 89,985) to Al-Maqased Charity Hospital for the provision of medical equipment under the scheme called Grant Assistance for Grass-roots Human Security Projects (GGP), which aims to improve basic human needs at the grass-roots level through NGOs and local governments.

This grant assistance aims to improve the quality of medical service at Al-Maqased Charity Hospital for socially vulnerable people including refugees by providing one ultrasound diagnostic system with the electrocardiogram function and twenty hospital beds, The Embassy of Japan stated .

Since its establishment in 2014, Al-Maqased Charity Hospital has provided vital, urgent, and indispensable lifesaving medical care services for 24 hours to patients at affordable price.  As the hospital receives referrals from other hospitals, international NGOs and Syrian refugee camps, this project is expected to contribute to providing more accurate and speedy diagnosis with patients regardless of their nationalities, social background and economic situation.

Ambassador SHIMAZAKI stated: “The pandemic of COVID-19 has a significantly negative impact on the economy of Jordan and widened the social difference between the rich and the poor. Therefore, Universal Health Coverage, the concept that all individuals and communities should be able to receive necessary health services without suffering financial hardship, has become increasingly important.

“I sincerely hope that new equipment has enabled doctors to provide more accurate and immediate diagnosis and the required treatments for vulnerable people who lack access to sufficient medical services. Further, I believe that this project will eventually contribute to the realization of Universal Health Coverage,” he added .

Under GGP, Japan has extended more than 10 million US Dollars for 151 projects to non-governmental organizations, schools, hospitals, and local governments in Jordan since 1993 , according to the statement .


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