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Jordan , Czech Republic eye enhanced economic ties

Jordan Daily – Khalil Haj Tawfiq , President of the Jordan Chamber of Commerce, has indicated potential for enhanced economic ties between Jordan and the Czech Republic, with prospects for increased trade and collaborative ventures.

Tawfiq’s comments came during a meeting with Zdenek Zajicek, President of the Czech Chamber of Commerce, following a visit by Czech President Petr Pavel to Jordan. He highlighted the potential for cooperation in sectors such as information technology, agriculture, fertilizers, Dead Sea products, tourism, and foodstuffs.

Despite friendly relations, trade volumes between the two countries remain modest, with Jordan’s imports from the Czech Republic last year amounting to 33 million euros. Jordan primarily imports machinery, mechanical equipment, wood, foodstuffs, chemicals, and metals from the Czech Republic, while exporting foodstuffs, chemicals, and basic metals.

Toufiq proposed a cooperation agreement between the two chambers to facilitate economic collaboration and emphasized the importance of economic delegation exchanges. A Jordanian delegation visit to the Czech Republic is planned before the end of the year, alongside a joint business forum.

Tourism cooperation was also discussed, with plans to increase the number of Czech tourists visiting Jordan and promote Jordan’s tourist sites. Both parties emphasized the importance of exchanging information about trade fairs and economic events hosted by both countries.

Zajicek expressed commitment to strengthening commercial relations and advocated for enhanced cooperation through joint projects and cooperation agreements. He identified renewable energy and information technology as key sectors for potential collaboration.

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