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Jordan condemns recent bombing of displaced persons camp in Gaza

Jordan Daily – Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates has condemned the ongoing war crimes committed by Israeli occupation forces in the Gaza Strip, including the recent bombing of a displaced persons camp near a UNRWA office in Rafah, according to the ministry’s spokesperson, Ambassador Sufian Al-Qudah.

He said that the bombing is a flagrant challenge to the decisions of the International Court of Justice and a serious violation of international law and humanitarian law , adding the kingdom unequivocally condemns and denounces these actions and crimes, which represent a blatant violation of international law and humanitarian law, contradict all human values and ethics, and constitute war crimes that the international community as a whole must confront and hold those responsible accountable.

Ambassador Al-Qudah called on the international community to take immediate and effective action, obliging Israel to bear responsibility for its practices and hold it accountable for its actions.


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