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Jordan enhances border medical capabilities with IOM and JAF’s new trauma care project

By : staff writer

Jordan Daily – In a move to enhance Jordan’s border medical response, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the Jordanian Armed Forces (JAF) have successfully completed a Japanese government-funded project.

The initiative, which focused on urgent trauma care, was marked by the inauguration of the Al Hadalat Medical Clinic, now under the administration of the Royal Medical Services (RMS) , according to IOM office in Jordan.

During the handover ceremony, IOM and Japanese embassy officials underscored the importance of the project in strengthening JAF’s operational readiness for emergency medical situations, highlighting the sustained collaboration’s impact on regional security and humanitarian assistance.

“Our long-lasting partnership with the Jordanian Armed Forces has been a cornerstone in driving positive change, especially in the most remote areas where infrastructure development was crucial,” said Othman Belbeisi, IOM Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa.

OKUYAMA Jiro, Japanese Ambassador to Jordan stated:“The current project would strengthen the capacity for emergency trauma care; a key factor undermining JAF’s efforts to maintain security on borders and combat illegal cross-border smuggling activities. It also aims to ensure timely and efficient delivery of emergency trauma care to those in need, including Syrian refugees and Jordanians living in border communities.”

This project, part of a broader effort to improve emergency services in the geopolitically sensitive North-Eastern border area, included the establishment of field trauma clinics and the provision of targeted training programs conducted by RMS. The clinics’ strategic placement is expected to significantly reduce emergency response times, potentially saving lives in a region where medical needs are acute due to its isolation and the occurrence of emergencies.

The tripartite partnership between IOM, JAF, and Japan has been instrumental in fortifying the medical infrastructure necessary for effective trauma care. This enhancement is deemed crucial for bolstering JAF’s border security measures and providing essential support to the local populace, including Syrian refugees residing in the area.

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