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Jordan hosts congress of France’s leading network of independent travel agencies

By : JD

Jordan Daily – Jordan hosted the 2023 congress of France’s leading network of independent travel agencies, “Selectour” , in a sign of boosting Jordanian-French tourism ties.

The conference, which started on Thursday and will run until Dec. 2, was attended by the chairman of the Jordan Tourism Board, JBT / Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Makram Al Qaisi, Abdelrazzaq Arabiyat, Managing Director of (JTB) and with the participation of 600 professionals from the French travel industry.

Al Qaisi said in his opening speech that organising and hosting the conference, with the participation of a large group of French companies from the tourism sector, demonstrates the global recognition of Jordan’s vital role in the world tourism landscape.

He added that “during these times of turmoil, of regional instability, a congress like this proves that the international community represented in gatherings like this one, believe and acknowledge that Jordan is a cornerstone of stability regionally and globally and for that we are grateful.”

He also highlighted the religious, historical and tourist landmarks that Jordan boasts, and the diversity and richness of Jordanian tourism.

The event attracted more than 600 specialists from the French travel sector, indicating Jordan’s attractiveness and growing importance as a preferred tourist destination, as it confirms the importance of this gathering for decision-makers, tour operators and French travel agencies.

According to the organising company, Al Thuraya Travel & Tours, this event ” symbolizes Jordan’s commitment to showcasing its unique attractions and authentic experiences to a key European market.”

The company’s CEO, Fadi Abu Areish , stressed the importance of this tourism conference , saying “ it is a unique opportunity to showcase the beauty of Jordan and reaffirm our commitment to providing unparalleled tourism experiences. This is a clear message that Jordan remains a safe and enjoyable destination, even amidst global challenges.”

He also pointed out the great efforts made to host this conference, which aims to convey a real message that Jordan is the land of peace and security.

Statistics shows that Jordan witnessed a significant increase in the number of French tourists who visited the kingdom this year, reaching more than 83,672 visitors, compared to 63,605 visitors in 2022. This growth doesn’t only reflect the effective marketing strategies that have been followed and implemented, but also confirms France’s status as a vital and feeder market for Jordanian tourism.

The figures also show the popularity and attractiveness of Jordan as a distinctive tourist destination, with the purchase of more than 44,891 of (Jordan Pass) by French tourists. The Jordan Pass is a ticket that allows entry to more than 40 tourist sites in Jordan, and must be purchased before arriving in Jordan.

Selectour, with its profound impact on tourism trends , offers a platform for professional networking and to spotlight Jordan’s diverse attractions as it aligns with the Jordan Tourism Board’s vision of promoting sustainable and diverse tourism experiences, catering to different traveler preferences.

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