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Jordan launches new initiatives to promote medical tourism

Jordan Daily – Minister of health, Firas Al-Hawari, said in an interview that the number of people visiting Jordan for medical treatment in the first half of 2023 reached approximately 110,000 individuals.

In a press interview with Al-Mamlaka News, Hawari stated that the UN World Tourism Organization designated Jordan as a regional center and destination for medical and therapeutic tourism, which represents a “significant achievement” for Jordan. He added that Jordan hosted three medical tourism conferences last year.

He said that Jordan managed to rapidly return to its proper trajectory and achieve substantial accomplishments after the pandemic, achievements that many countries across the globe struggled to accomplish. He anticipates a complete return to the pre-pandemic level of medical tourism by the end of the current year and encourages investment in additional hospitals that provide exceptional and advanced healthcare services.

Hawari said that the Ministry, through the Medical Tourism Directorate, reconstituted the Supreme Committee for Medical Tourism and, in partnership with the Jordan Tourism Board, activated the “Salamtak” platform for medical treatment in Jordan. There is also a team at Queen Alia International Airport dedicated to receiving incoming patients for treatment, visiting them at the hospitals where they are being treated, and monitoring their progress.

Furthermore, he indicated that Jordan has bolstered the confidence of incoming patients seeking treatment in the country, primarily through the enactment of the “Medical Responsibility Law,” which safeguards patients’ rights in the event of medical errors. Additionally, the Ministry offers a service to review and verify treatment invoices for arriving patients.

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