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Jordan refutes Israel aid claims, seeks U.S. missiles

By: JD News Desk

Jordan Daily -Brigadier General Mustafa Al-Hayari, the director of Military Information, said Jordan has played a positive role in shaping international opinion on Gaza, where Israel has been bombing Hamas targets.

He dismissed, in press remarks rumours that Jordan had helped Israel with weapons or equipment via U.S. planes, saying this was part of a plot to stir up troubles and undermine national cohesion.

He also said Jordan has no U.S. bases, but only groups that train, maintain and update Jordanian weapons and share know-how.

He said these groups are vital because of the threats facing Jordan, a stable country in a volatile region, indicating that Jordan’s alliance with the U.S. is 72 years old.

The official said Jordan has strong ties with various allies, especially the United States, its strategic partner.

Jordan, which faces threats from all sides, has asked the United States to boost its air defense system with costly Patriot missiles that it cannot afford on its own,Al-Hayari noted.

He said that the Patriot missiles, which are defensive weapons, can best intercept ballistic missiles. He also said that we asked for a system to stop drones, which threaten the country from all sides and are used to smuggle drugs.


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