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Jordan seeks to regain tourism momentum launching ‘Kingdom of Time’

Jordan Daily – Jordan seeks to regain its spectacular pre-pandemic tourism momentum with the launch of a multifaceted new tourism brand at the World Travel Market in London today, said a Jordan Tourism Board (JTB) statement.

With the “Kingdom of Time” brand, “Jordan is reintroducing itself as an accessible, intriguing and multifaceted destination that appeals to the rising global tribe of intrepid travellers; independent, active, digital-empowered explorers and travellers seeking meaningful experiences and human connection”, read the statement.

In early 2020, the COVID pandemic brought to an abrupt halt what was already a remarkable multiyear acceleration and diversification of the Jordan tourism offering.

With the Kingdom becoming easily accessible through low cost airlines, Jordan was shaking off its traditional “history lesson” positioning, and a new generation of Jordanian tourism innovators was adding “exciting new layers of experiences to Jordan’s majestic ancient landscapes”.

Beyond the world wonder of Petra, the Jordan experience was getting global attention for award-winning nature and adventures like the Jordan Trail that traverses the Kingdom from north to south.

The new Jordan tourism brand, originally planned for an early 2020 launch was delayed due to the pandemic.

“Twenty months later, Jordan is back, ready to unveil its new tourism brand, as an authentic reflection of a destination which, within a land that can be traversed by car in less than a day, fuses together a dizzying collage of geological and natural diversity, historical richness, a tradition of spirituality and faith, and a contemporary Arabian culture of openness  and warm hospitality that welcomes everyone for leisure, business and healing,” said Jordan Tourism Minister Nayef Al Fayez.

Abdel Razzaq Arabiyat, managing director of the Jordan Tourism Board, said: “Jordan’s new tourism brand also marks a shift in the role of tourism as a driver local sustainable development. Co-created with a wide spectrum of Jordan’s tourism, cultural and creative communities, the brand was conceived by the Jordan Tourism Board in cooperation with an alliance of local and global firms,  designed as an inclusive catalyst to spread tourism across the Kingdom, benefitting both traditional tourism operators and our emerging generation of hyper-local tourism experience creators.”

Beyond brand building, Jordan’s government and tourism business have worked diligently to ensure the health safety of citizens and guests.

“Today we are one of the first countries in the region with a fully vaccinated tourism sector,” added Fayez.

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