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Jordan sends medical aid to Palestinians in Ramallah

By : JD

Jordan Daily – Jordan delivered medical supplies and equipment to Ramallah on Tuesday night as part of its efforts to support Palestinians facing Israeli attacks in Gaza.

Six trucks carrying medicines and other items crossed into Palestine through Karama border point under orders from King Abdullah II, who has condemned Israel’s aggression against Palestinians.

Palestinian Health Minister Mai Al-Kaila received the aid at ministry warehouses with Jordanian ambassador Issam Al-Bdour. She said similar shipments had reached Al-Arish airport in Egypt for delivery to Gaza.

Al-Kaila said Gaza’s health sector was on verge of collapse due to lack of fuel, medicines and staff amid Israeli bombardment. She said her ministry was working on an emergency plan for West Bank hospitals as well as sending aid to Gaza.

She urged international community to pressure Israel to allow fuel into Gaza where 15 hospitals were out of service and others are at risk. She said hundreds of wounded needed urgent care amid daily massacres by Israel.

Al-Bdour said more trucks and planes would follow with relief materials for Palestinians , noting that Jordan was coordinating with UN agencies and other partners to facilitate entry of aid into Gaza.

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