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Jordan should put national interest first and work on sustainable development: Nedal Malo Alein

By : staff writer

Jordan Daily – Investor and businessman Nedal Malo Alein urged the government and the private sector to work faster and more pragmatically to overcome the economic challenges facing the country amid regional instability and global recession.

In an opinion article , Malo Alein said that Jordan needs to focus on national projects that would create sustainable development and real growth, such as tourism, manufacturing, and entrepreneurship.

He also called for promoting religious tourism in Africa and Asia, where Jordan has historical and religious attractions for Muslims and Christians, and for facilitating the visa process for pilgrims who want to visit the country.

Alein stressed the importance of supporting small and individual businesses, which he said constitute 90% of the market and generate economic activity and cash flow.

He also suggested forming an economic crisis management team or an “economic warfare government” to deal with the effects of inflation, recession, poverty, and unemployment, and to ensure the economic and social security of the country.

He concluded by saying that Jordan should put its national interest above all considerations and be ready for the coming stages of prosperity.

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