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Jordan’s food industry seeks to boost exports to U.S. and Walmart

By : JD

Jordan Daily – The Jordan Chamber of Industry and the Jordan Exports held a workshop on Saturday to help food manufacturers boost their exports to the United States, especially to Walmart, the largest hypermarket chain in the country.

The workshop, attended by 40 food companies, covered the technical and regulatory requirements for entering the U.S. market and Walmart’s 3,570 stores, the chamber said in a statement seen by Jordan Daily.

The chamber said the workshop was part of its efforts to diversify and expand the industrial sector’s exports and take advantage of the free trade agreement between Jordan and the United States.

Mohammad Walid Al-Jitan, vice president of the chamber and representative of the food industries, said the workshop aimed to prepare Jordanian food producers to tap into the $70 million export potential in the U.S. market.

He said the chamber would work with various partners to develop a roadmap to enhance the production capacities of the food industries in the kingdom.

Ahmed Al-Khudari , board members of the Jordan and Amman Chambers of Industry and the CEO of Jordan Exports Engineer Omar Al-Qaryouti stressed the importance of pursuing the export opportunities to Walmart and other global markets.

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