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Jordanian Professor awarded Universiti Malaysia Terengganu Alumni Icon 2023

Jordan Daily – Jordanian academic, Dr. Bilal Mahmoud Al-Wadi, Vice President of the Jordanian Association for Entrepreneurship and faculty member at the Faculty of Arts, Al-Zaytoonah Private University, has been awarded the Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) Alumni Icon Award for the year 2023.

Al-Wadi was selected for this prestigious honor by UMT’s Council of Deans, following a competitive selection process that encompassed students from global nations studying in Malaysian universities.

The award ceremony, held in the presence of prominent figures including Malaysian university presidents, faculty deans, representatives from the higher education sector, local community organizations, and international ambassadors, showcased the significance of the recognition.

In a statement , Al-Wadi expressed his appreciation for the recognition and shed light on the intense competition the award had witnessed. “The award involved a great competition between students in Malaysian universities from different countries of the world,” Al-Wadi remarked.

Al-Wadi’s distinction as an influential figure in the domain of entrepreneurship and innovation within the Middle East contributed to his selection by UMT. His pivotal role in mentoring, guiding, and fostering the growth of numerous entrepreneurial ventures, as well as nurturing aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators, particularly in Malaysia and various global regions, underscored his significance in the field.


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