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Jordanian soldier wounded in Israeli strikes on Gaza hospital area

By : JD

Jordan Daily – A Jordanian soldier was wounded and a Palestinian patient was hit by shrapnel and a bullet when Israeli forces bombed a Jordanian field hospital in the Gaza Strip, a Jordanian military source said on Wednesday.

The soldier, who was injured in the right thigh and hand, was flown to Jordan for treatment on royal orders, the source said. The patient was in intensive care at the hospital, which suffered severe damage from the Israeli strikes.

The source said the hospital, located in Khan Yunis in southern Gaza, would continue to provide medical and humanitarian services to the Gazans despite the attack, which he called a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law and the Fourth Geneva Convention.

He said the Jordanian armed forces held Israel fully responsible for the safety of the hospital staff and the patients, and urged Israel to respect its obligations under international law and to stop targeting hospitals as protected places.

He added that the Jordanian government would take all necessary measures in response to the aggression.

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