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Jordan’s quest for solidarity and security

By : Nedal Zubeidi

Jordan Daily – It has been a distressing 175 days since the eruption of aggression on Gaza, leaving behind a trail of devastation and despair. As the death toll of civilians surpasses 32 thousand, and with infrastructure lying in ruins, the world watches in horror as the people of Gaza suffer under the weight of merciless airstrikes from Israel.

In Jordan, both the government and the people stand with those who protest, united in acknowledging their right to raise their voices against the injustices befalling the people of Gaza. We share the same sentiment and support for the plight of our Palestinian brothers and sisters.

Yet, amidst this shared support, there lies a deep concern for the security and stability of our kingdom. We cannot ignore the potential repercussions of such widespread demonstrations, especially when they are exploited for political agendas by certain factions, including Islamist groups. The delicate balance of security and protest must be carefully managed to ensure the safety and well-being of all citizens.

While Jordan unequivocally stands with Gaza, the delicate balance between support and security cannot be ignored. It must tread carefully to ensure the safety and well-being of all citizens, even as it champions the cause of justice for Palestine.

The current escalation prompts a series of questions about the timing, motivations, and orchestrators behind the protests. Are they driven solely by genuine solidarity, or are there ulterior motives at play? As the demonstrations  increase in intensity, the threat of violence looms large, particularly as some factions, including Islamists, advocate for the storming and potential occupation of the Israeli embassy. Can Jordan afford to allow such actions, knowing the potential diplomatic and legal ramifications they entail?

As King Abdullah II tirelessly advocates for Palestinians and the people of Gaza, his efforts underscore Jordan’s solid commitment to peace and justice in the region. The recent remarks of His Majesty echo a sentiment of compassion and solidarity, calling to alleviate the suffering of civilians. “We cannot stand idly by,” he declared, “while innocent lives are lost.” His words resonate across borders, urging the international community to act decisively.

However, amidst the fervor of protest and solidarity, we must also engage in introspection. The surge of this enthusiasm among youths, often backed by ideological fervor from partisan groups, poses a challenge. The risk of excessive zeal leading to acts of violence or diplomatic crisis cannot be discounted. Jordan’s adherence to international agreements and diplomatic norms remains non-negotiable, even in the face of passionate demonstrations.

The timing of the escalation coincides with qualitative shifts in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. It’s increasingly evident that the surge in aggression perpetrated by Israel, including apparent atrocities, demands global attention. However, the narrative must not be hijacked by certain ideological groups seeking to sow chaos and destabilize Jordan. We must remain vigilant, guarding against internal discord that could paint Jordan as a weak and unstable entity ,vulnerable to external manipulation.

But let us not lose sight of the heart of the matter. Beyond the politics and the security concerns, we are witnessing a humanitarian crisis of immense proportions unfold before our eyes. The people of Gaza, already besieged by poverty and killing , now face the grim reality of starvation and homelessness as their homes lie in ruins and essential services are decimated.

The images of children crying amidst the rubble, their innocent faces stained with tears and dust, should haunt us all.

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