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Jordan’s tech sector boosts economy and innovation, int@j CEO says

Jordan Daily – Arab information technology companies are investing in Jordan’s digital infrastructure, creating jobs for young people and boosting the country’s economy, the head of a local industry association said on Thursday.

Nidal Bitar, CEO of the Information and Communications Technology Association of Jordan (int@j), said in press remarks that these investments were vital for Jordan’s technological and economic development and placed the kingdom on the global innovation map.

He said these companies also played a major role in exporting technological services, increasing revenues, and supporting educational institutions.

“By improving the digital infrastructure, Jordan is witnessing a rapid transformation towards an advanced digital future that gives access for Jordanians to fast communications and high-speed Internet, which enhances life quality and opens up new opportunities for companies,” he said.

He added that stimulating innovation and entrepreneurship was an integral part of Jordan’s technology sector development strategy.

Bitar said technology companies worked to enhance competitiveness in the local and regional market, which contributed to the export of tech and software services, which benefited the national economy.

According to statistical data, the communication and information technology (CIT) sector’s contribution to the gross domestic product during 2021 reached about JD900 million ($1.27 billion), or 3%, while it is expected to reach JD3 billion ($4.23 billion), or 3.9% during 2033, as an economic impact by implementing Economic Modernization Vision.

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